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IMI Engineering Sicherheitsanzeige

IMI ACT 1573 l02-2016 - Security Display for Company Security Policy for IMI Hydronic Engineering at Fuellinsdorf Switzerland.

ACT supplied a LED Large Format Display for the Company Security Policy.

Supply: 02-2016
Product: Digitale LED Security Display
Order: LED-Display for Company Worker Information - accidental free Day's/Period
Execution: Singlesided, Twolines Display
LED Diodes: High Quality NICHIA Leds
LED Color: Onecolored green
Brigthness: absolutly Sunlight capable incl. Lightsensor
Connection: with remote Controll

LED Large Display Security has Priority

"Safety first", this is a daily information called to the staff with a safety screen. The sensitization on occupational safety issues leads to an increase in safety awareness and thus subsequently reducing absenteeism, downtime. This increases the quality and productivity.

IMI 2043 ACT

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