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Oval LED Display for Casino Austria

Casino Austria lCasino Austria with a perfect curved LED Display!

Ultra long and high definition. This concave SMD indoor display makes the new ovals Salon in the Casino Vienna to probably the most beautiful machines Salon in Europe.

Production, Supply, Installation and Startup: 12/2015
Adress: Casino Vienna, 1010 Vienna, Kaerntnerstraße
Order: Oval SMD Indoor-Display integrated in the Wall
Resolution: 6400 x 32 Pixel
Displaysize: 38.400 x 192 mm
Physical Pixelpitch: 6 mm
LED-Chips: 614.400

Exactly to the millimeter, these LED video area has been built into the wall

All around in the Oval Salon runs the SMD indoor display, seemingly without beginning or end. Exactly according to architect specifications laid ACT here an LED video wall in a concave shape. The video area has been bent and inserted from the front flush with the walls. In the case of the case, all parts can be removed from the front.

All display types possible

1 display: This SMD indoor display it, the content of player 1 allows. The connection from the video display to the player took place via CAT-5 network cable. This ultra-long display is thus driven as a classic LED video wall. Despite the enormous resolution of 6,400 pixels may undergo as scrolling text across the entire length of 38.4 meters will also find information. Animations such as a roulette ball, which runs a few times in the salon around, remains to them then stand on a number are also possible. The imagination can run free are allowed. This LED video surface everything is possible.

Brilliant picture quality

For this LED display screen black-faced SMD 3in1 LEDs have been used of the highest selection. ACT decided not to use it for this project already exists 192 x 96 mm small pixel maps but to design new LED boards with 192 mm height. The resulting image quality in this SMD indoor display is impressive. On the entire length, there are no straight sections, the installation in the curved surface has been completely carried out accurately. Even when standing in front just sees the image area from absolutely homogeneous.

Assembled in only two days and handed over to the Casino Director

Could daily from 6 clock early to work in the casino. 14 Before the clock work had to be stopped because in the Oval Salon was then already play mode. Thanks to good planning ACT could in just two days assemble this extraordinary SMD indoor display and operate. The director of the Vienna Casino was thrilled.

ACT is the specialist for LED video surfaces for interior design

Whether it be like here a ultra long, bent SMD indoor display or an LED video cube should be. Or a complete staircase as a video wall. Also floors and ceilings have been covered with LED video surfaces. ACT has already pretty much realized everything in the area interior design with LED displays and can thus rely on a wealth of experience. A lot of different pixel maps are available. And if it makes sense for a SMD indoor display, then can be designed as in this case, a new LED card.

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