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Petrol Station Pricedisplay Berikon

Touring Garage Baur OA gas station price display for the Touring Garage & Carrosserie Baur AG in the city of berikon.

Shipment: 07-2015
Adress: CH-8965 Berikon
Order: Single-sided LED-Pricedisplay, Modell TPA 14A-3/EMG
Led color: red
Number of fuel product: 3
Digit hight: 14 cm - last number smaler
Case Measuring: 70x165x15cm (bxhxt)

The LED price display is built with high-quality LEDs AlInGaP II Hewlett Packard ( Agilent ). It is sunlight readable and has an automatic brightness control. The LED price display can be updated via radio Keyboard.

Price displays for service stations are buying decision

The ad will be visible from the street. To price changes electronically perform easily and quickly, is no longer a luxury but a necessity, since the prices are now amended several times a day.

ACT produces LED price displays for modern petrol stations in various character sizes and LED colors. In the local area numbers heights are usually of 140 mm (up to 70 m readable) or 200 mm (up to 100 m readable) used. For stations outside the local area we even larger numbers heights of 260 mm, 310 mm or deliver even greater.

We manufacture price displays in different designs. Our ads are single or double sided available, as slim Industrial displays the denomination over instead of next to the listed prices. Even if you only want to display the price of a fuel places, we have the right LED display.

Price displays are easy to use

Control is via wireless keyboard on the POS system or often via a PC. Instead of a cable connection DECT radio is selected for data transmission in many cases. Remote servicing the prize by GSM radio is possible.

With the SMS function for ACT-price mobile ads can feed from anywhere in your gas station price display with new prices. Within seconds you'll get back a confirmation text message with the received prizes from the prices. Of course, several price displays can be simultaneously updated through group SMS.

On special request also a connection of LED prices at the pump station is possible. We have interfaces bindings for various pump manufacturer.

Often ACT also produces gas station price signs with additional advertising space for your company logo or for instructions on credit cards, car washes, etc.

Are you planning something interesting? We advise you gladly. contact