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Multipart Ticker

Mehrteilige Led Laufschrift GQ l02-2015 Full color and video-enabled, multi-part LED moving message is an all-rounder!

Production and delivery: 02/2015
Product: multipart LED moving message into 16 segments, each with 1920 x 200 mm
Special features: front access, fair use, 3in1 SMD LEDs, online activation

The picture shows the multipart ticker in the final Test at ACT before delivery

ACT produced a multi-purpose multi-part LED moving message for KOOP Live-Management GmbH. In total, 16 are almost 2m long parts can be used in any form. They are controlled by multi-part marquee players online via a PC. Text, graphics, videos, anything that can be displayed on the PC monitor will also be shown on the LED tickers. The individual parts can be used together or also, for example, as two individual LED displays. Perfect for fair use. Even with distance between the individual segments are the LEDs used, the connection between the parts via CAT5 cables, therefore, distances up to 80 m are possible.

Multi-piece LED ticker in the exhibition floor first to integrate on the Geneva Motor Show in use

At the MANGA booth of Geneva Automobile Fair, the LED display was in use for the first time. There, the multi-part LED ticker will be integrated into the fair ground. For this purpose, ACT has designed a special housing with full front access. Laterally, the individual parts are of course frameless, so that they can be operated without a gap as long marquee's. The overall depth is inclusive the LED pixel maps, only 10 cm. LED displays at the booth draw attention to itself in Geneva two each 15.4 m long video tickers.

Nearly 150,000 LED chips bring the messages to shine

The 3in1 SMD LEDs shine with a large lateral readability, as good as all viewing angles the texts and animations are easy to read. 16.7 million colors are designing the advertising messages.

Multipart LED Ticker for Fairfloor Promotions Video

Available in this design as a multi-part LED moving message of any length

ACT can realize any length here. The sections can be one to two feet long, and corner pieces are realized. Of course, this design is also suitable for standard wall mount, also the front maintenance has corresponding advantages. As a pixel pitch are 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm. The closer the pixel pitch, the finer the typeface. A multi-part LED moving message with online activation is usually full color.