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Videowall in the Shopwindow

Videowand-im-Schaufenster-O04-2014 - Videowall in the Shopwindow at the Allevent Ticketshop.

Adress: A-1010 Vienna, Opernring 21
Order: LED Videowall in the Shopwindow for the best promotional use
Pixeldistance physicaly: 6mm
Resolution physicaly: 480 x 240 Pixel
Modulversion: Videomodule in a "supersmall" version
Accessories: Tracksystem
Size (B x H): 3 x 1,5 m

Video wall in the shop window on a track!

This video wall in the window of Allevent Ticket Offices is a precision work in every respect. The little available space between the glazing and the facade was optimally utilized. The video modules are "super slim" extra light and silently because no fans are integrated and also fanless power supplies were used. ACT designed additional special suspension crossmember on rollers to allow the complete LED video wall in the window being pushed back and forth. This here was an absolute necessity, because only in certain places it is possible to be able to open the video modules for maintenance purposes behind.