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Audi Ingoldstadt LED-Videowall

audi O12-2012 - LED-Videowall at the Audi AG Factory in Ingolstadt.

According to plan, ACT has passed an LED video wall at Audi. The video display has been installed on the facade of the new production hall N60 at the Ingolstadt plant. This impressive LED video display has been integrated into a huge chip poster, which originates from the Austrian company Austroflex.

Approx. 130,000 ultra bright white LEDs of the latest generation Flat ensure perfect readability even from extremely oblique angles. On the LED video wall is automated and displayed in real time, which Audi model for the country or city which is produced exactly at this time.

ACT sets for this LED video wall digital signage software Scala - with appropriate access to the database of Audi. The LED video display is serviceable from the front side. About integrated gas springs can be the front of the LED video wall in segments pivot upward.