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Airport Vienna - Security Information

flughafen-wien O05-2012 - LED-Display Security Informations Airport Vienna.

No fewer than ten of these outdoor LED installations produced for ACT partners SIEMENS, which installed these LED displays in May 2012 in the outdoor area on the tarmac of Vienna airport. The LED display Safety Warnings "level control" is a two-line, programmable LED display industry, which is activated via potential-free inputs. Theoretically, several warnings can be stored in the display selected via contacts. The font size is 100 mm, for readability from up to 50m. On both sides of the LED lights are attached to the shield.

Highly visible flashing on the LED display, hazard and lateral lights

This can not be overlooked. When triggered, both the hazards and the lights flash. The flashing rhythm of the LED display was synchronized with the traffic lights. Whether sun or not, the LED display is of course always completely visible.