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Siemens Graz Productiondisplay

led-grafikdisplay siemens O02-2014 - LED-Graficdisplay for Industrial Application in a Productionhall / 4 Pieces in total.

For industrial installations, an LED graphic display of ACT is ideal. With project partner Siemens ACT realized an installation in a production hall in Graz. Four LED displays were installed, each display 2.6 x 1.2 m tall. The data to each LED graphic display is shown in real time. For this, the LED industry displays are fixedly connected to a control PC, which filters the correct data from the system and immediately shows on the large LED display.

Front maintenance for LED graphic display.

The displays were slightly inclined during this installation. With a integrated gas spring the front pages pivot can be turned upward's to perform any maintenance work, but this is very rare. LED displays from the house of ACT work very reliably.

65,536 colors from red / green displayed on this LED graphic display.