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Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein LED

KML 170220 218 OLED-Ticker at the "Kunstmuseum of Liechtenstein" - "Who Pays ?" Exhibition.

The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein was opened in 2000 and is the national gallery for international modern and contemporary art of the state of Liechtenstein.
The ACT Le-Go / F10v Series LED display reflects modern technology in the exhibition.

Production and Delivery: 01-2017
Location: LIE-9490 Vaduz, Staedtle 32 im Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.
Order: LED-Ticker for Exhibition "Who Pays ?"
Execution: Fullcolored SMD LED with 10mm Pixelsize and integrated Controller
Resolution: 192x16 Pixel
Remarks: sun-light

Information of the Art Artist

Susanne Bosch
Restpfennigaktion, 1998–2002/2017
Money, LED-Display - Lending of Artist

Who Pays?

Ei "art = capital," Joseph Beuys formulated. He thus summed up in a concise formula what his worldview was: "The only revolutionary force is the power of human creativity."


The Exhibition can be visited from 10.02.-21.05.2017.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

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LED Kunstmuseum of Liechtenstein Gallery


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