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ACT at DigiSign Show 2016

DigiSign 2016  

03-2016 ACT at DigiSign 2016 in Hohenems - Vorarlberg - Austria.

The visitors were thrilled ! As the use of digital signage more success and attention was bestowed shown live with different products.

Local Counselor: developers, manufacturers and system integrators of hardware and software supporting the numerous visitors to realize wishes and how to implement the special requirements of potential projects.

ACT could impress and show solutions with following Digital Signage Products:

  • ACT-LED Ticker MiniMax Serie
  • ACT-Led-Steles Infostar and SL5
  • ACT-Parking Controlsystemes ParkingPro
  • ACT-Videoled RP6-S3

Further numerous products from various fields, such as kiosks and totems, Content Mangement, Digital Door Signs, touch panel, and many more, fount great interest and made a base for many interesting discussions.


DigiSign2016 opened at 17 + 18. Maerz in Hohenems at the rosenberger restaurant (Austria).