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Theater Basel LED-Wall

theater basel 001 O09-2011 - LED-Wall at the Theater of Basel.

Adress: CH-4051 Basel
Order: 23,5 m long LED-Videodisplay at the Front-Fassade of the Theater

A 23.5 m long LED Wall adorns the facade of the Basel Theatre. The LED video display is equipped with SMD 3in1 LEDs and has a brightness of 5500 cd/m2. In order for the video wall handles direct sunlight. For both short as well as from wide viewing distances convinced the video board with an excellent image quality. For modern theater, it is important to advertise on modern media. The presented solution of ACT Theatre was instantly impressed. Finally, simple and striking it can be informed about the current and future productions. The operation is extremely easy, even, the game plan are displayed directly on the central database and supplemented with additional interesting information.

247 296 brilliantly illuminated LED chips was installed for this LED Wall. Another feature of the LED system is the ability of the front maintenance. The front of the produced by ACT LED video modules can be gently swirled integrated gas springs upward in order to perform any maintenance work. Thus, ACT is the perfect solution succeeded with this LED Wall above the entrance of the Theater in Basel and in relation to the ease of maintenance.


Theatre of Basel Gallery