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Salzburg Festival Surtitles

salzburger festspiele 006 O04-2005 - Salzburger Festival with 4 LED_Display's for Surtitles.

The four LED displays are used at various venues of the Salzburg Festival for the subtitles since the 2005 season. The data is transmitted via radio. ACT also provided the subtitles software. The brightness control of LED displays also runs online using the software.

Dimension: Each Display 6,24×0,5m,
Serie: Proline Ultra, Modell PLU130/2/50y, AOL-Execution, 130mm Pictureheight, 2 Lines
Signs for each Line: 50
Brightness Control: online by Software
Data Transmission: Radio
Control: ACT-Surtitles-Theatresoftware

The software is a ACT Product

The easy-to-use software is in many theaters and opera houses over Europe in use. Also the Salzburg Festival, trust's for software solution from ACT.

Surtitles Solutions in many variants possible

For over two decades ACT is developing and building products for theaters and opera houses in modern LED technology.

In the past, formerly often used have been projectors, the trend now is to LED displays for many years. The great advantage of modern LED technology is the excellent readability due to the good contrast. Unlike projection solutions, there are no stray light here. Therefore, LED display boards are ideal for the darkened auditorium.

Line-oriented solutions are available in any length, from single-line, long LED moving message to vielzeiligen LED display panel. Character heights of 80 mm up to 200 mm are customary here, always depending on the viewing distance.

Increasingly, the Surtitle Solution is also available in full-color LED video technology from ACT. Here are pixel spacing of 4 mm to 6 mm popular. Before the performance and during the interval the LED Display can be used for the presentation of sponsors, a clear added value. At the Theater of Vienna, in Ronnacher and the Raimund Theater full-color solutions were produced with 6 mm pixel pitch in different lengths. At the Staat Theatere of Saarbruecken, a flexible usable LED video board is in use. It is in use as a stage display, as an advertising system, and as Surtitle Solution.