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Creative LED-Display Moscow Club

Kreative LED Displays 1 OLED Video torches, a modern and unusual design.

Creative LED displays above three dimensions with a forwardly inclined pyramid

That has never happened before in this form. As our partners the first drafts presented the club owners, they were immediately "hooked" for this LED torches. Now after installation are all impressed. When people enter the club, they are the first thing everyone sees. Left and right 6 respectively of this extravagant, creative LED displays. Modern visualized LED torches, the Club guests are truly exceptional here welcomed here.

Production and delivery: 07-2015
Installation: by a installation partner
Quantity: 12
Physical Pixel Pitch: 5.0 mm
LED: SMD 3in1 LEDs in highest selection
Colors: 16.7 million
Remarks: Full surface controlled as LED display screen, synchronized with each other

Complex control of these polygonal, three-dimensional video displays

Twelve creative LED displays, which are driven together. Thus, interesting animations run of a LED torch in the other in one direction or the insertion of new graphics occur synchronously on all LED displays at the same time.

However, the biggest challenge in control was the square and three-dimensional shape of the display. Images, texts, graphics and videos will be shown on the entire surface. In a classic rectangular LED display screen is the default. But here there is a 6-square base part, on the top with a triangular pyramid. To this end, only had a complex control was developed, the result is impressive.

Pixel maps specially designed for this project

Creative LED displays required new pixel maps. For this project, new, triangular pixel maps were designed. The lower corner body consists of six triangular, interleaved pixel maps. The subsequent pyramid has also been realized with a triangular, in this case somewhat smaler LED cards. Both pixel card sizes fit together perfectly and give this unmistakable form. An individual special solution impresses the club guests already at the entrance.

Creative LED displays from specialist ACT

Innovation with 25 years experience. Technically perfect, designed and implemented professionally and quickly. ACT implemented for more than two and a half decades, for customers at home and abroad LED installations in all sizes and many forms.

In any screen - from the videowall to simple text messages - infected passion, innovative engineering and years of experience. Creative LED displays and special formats can be realized project.

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