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LED Videowall in a Club

Lokaleinrichtung Videowand 4 l12-2014 ACT supplies 3 LED-Videowalls for the Goldentime Club in Vienna.

Already at the beginning of the remodeling plans, the integration of an LED video wall was being considered. Different concepts for the new local facility were discussed and at the end, three video screens of ACT were then produced for the golden time club. This installation was carried out together with our project partner Electric Weisgram.

Production, supply, installation and commissioning: 12/2014
Three indoor SMD video walls for the new local facility
Adress: A-1110 Vienna
Each of the three LED video walls has an image size of 2,568 x 1,400 mm
Black-faced SMD 3in1 LEDs produce a high contrast and sharp image

Successful Concept: LED video walls for the perfect ambiance for any occasion

The three LED video walls to spread mood and they do. Four segments per video wall were built directly flush with the walls. The distance between the segments has been mirrored. The three video screens can also be controlled together as one display, long LED video wall. It seems like when you look through many windows to the outside. Depending on the subject so is a look at the skyline of any city or the beach feeling in the Caribbean is adjusted. On the video screens fish are swimming under water past the window, or an impressive fireworks display takes guests to marvel destinations. Successful mood bundles stimuli and provides surprises that appeal to all the senses. The ambience of the restaurant is a fascinating way individually adjustable with the indoor video walls.

Everything is possible, everything is permitted

With the three LED video walls of the new local facility, anything is possible. The video walls function as a large screen and show in real time the contents of the PC monitor. This presentation has no limits. The control is fragmented. This means that the distance between the "windows" any video wall and is driven between the three video screens with. This creates videos with the effect that the images "outside" pass and you can see in the distance. In the club you're in a different world, this illusion is perfectly supported by the three LED video displays.

Specialist for local infrastructure buisness

With innovative ideas, we emphasize the uniqueness of your premises. ACT produced well over 1000 different LED displays. The high customizability and functionality of LED video walls is enormous.  ACT puts your desires always imaginative and specifically to cope and LED displays for the local device technically accurate and visually beautiful to.

LED Videowall Club Gallery