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LED Video Wall Disco Praterdom

praterdome 008 O02-2013 - LED-Video-Wall in Austrias greatest Disco.

In Austria's largest nightclub, the Prater Dome is the newly installed LED video wall one of the highlights. ACT realized a part of a mobile unit in a super slim housing for ceiling suspension. The LED video wall is therefore also suitable for mobile use because the can be set-up and dismantling of the LED video wall in record time. Lateral quick-fix locks on the LED displays ensure the transmission of power and allow a gap-free assembly.

The 12 m2 the video wall are arranged in a 16:9 format. 3in1 SMD LEDs guarantee videos in brilliant color and perfect picture quality.

Impressive for the customer was also ​​the extremely slim design. ACT sat here for the first time a new, only 49 mm thick aluminum profile. Together with our partner LSM relisierte this ACT LED video wall in the heart of Vienna for the guests of the Prater Dome.