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Vienna Soundlight Videodisplay

vsvl 006 O02-2010 - Videodisplays Vienna Sound Vienna Light.

Vienna Vienna Sound Light leads the LED video displays of ACT in their rental fleet and uses them diverse and successful:
- As an LED video pillars on the Energy Globe Award 2008
- At the Danube Island Festival video displays on stage
- The Kiddy Contest in the Wiener Cityhall
- At Clubbing Events
- For corporate events
- And more ...
For this project, the video displays were produced in particularly stable steel version. With 64 cm width, the individual LED modules are very slim and therefore highly flexible. Are located on all sides of the module Southco rotary latch locks, making it an easier, faster and stronger assembly in a short time guaranteed. The video wall can be easily suspended, a very uncomplicated and dismantling. Therefore, our video displays are very popular in execution "part mobile professional" to our customers.