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City of Vaduz Info LED's

Gemeinde Vaduz O l11-2015 ACT installed on the 28.11.2015 four new LED-Displays for the main capital of liechtenstein in Vaduz.

Production, Delivery, Installation and Startup: 11-2015
Adress: FL-9490 Vaduz
Order: 4 LED-Informationdisplay's RP10
Dimensions (bxhxt): 3,0x1,14x0,30 m
Physical Resolution: 288x96 Pixel

Installed in 2009, LED displays were replaced with full-color LED video walls of the series ACT Videoled RP10, with a new and higher resolution

This is the second order for LED information displays in the Principality of Liechtenstein, for ACT Display and Information Technology AG. Since 2014, the 3 LED indicators for the municipality of Balzers are in operation. The information displays inform residents and guests on a daily basis about current events. This is a tremendously effective advertising solution for Information and outdoor advertising.

The four LED announcement boards for Vaduz are modern full-color LED video screens with more than 330'000 LEDs and 10mm physical pixel pitch. With a maximum brightness of about 7500cd/m² they are absolutely sunlight viewable. In practice, this luminosity is not 100% needed. 30% less is usually sufficient completely, which reduces fuel consumption by about a third. Since LEDs lose brightness over time, may be years later readjusted because upwards then leeway exists. So at the beginning perceived as optimal luminous intensity can be achieved even later.

The actual brightness of the digital notice boards is controlled automatically via a light sensor. Photo sensors detect the ambient brightness and then pass the data to the controller of the LED video screens on. The maximum and minimum brightness value can be set via the included software. In this range then the luminosity regulates the LED notice boards automatically.

Installation of the new LED video walls in Vaduz took place at existing locations at Muehleholz, at Austrasse, at the Zollstrasse and in the city centre.
Each LED is controlled via a DSL modem connection, via a controller and a PC system. The management of the software can be controlled with the appropriate permissions, by any system with an Internet connection. The contents are stored locally in a cloud-based installation and thus relieve the volume of data and the storage capacity of the community.

More and more cities and towns invest in LED announcement boards

The reason is simple. The large number of posters, billboards and banners to be reduced. They disfigure the landscape and are often disabling traffic, thus providing a safety risk. Billboards on every corner to ensure a sensory overload and affect the townscape. Besides the usual posters "grace" especially at the city limits often countless event announcements of various festivals and events in large format the roadsides. Often these are also illegal. What's for an important advertising opportunity is a gross disfigurement of the landscape for others.

Modern LED announcement boards are the perfect solution here. Accordingly good locations commuters, residents and visitors can be informed about current events cost. For many local associations, institutions or even the local industry, this represents an important form of advertising, since so that consumers can be achieved in a targeted and cost-effective. Often such installation over the placement of advertising content of the local economy to be refinanced.
ACT has been producing more than two decades LED indicators. Many towns and cities rely on the reliable quality of ACT Display and Information Technology AG, which Digital Signage - Digital information technology produces technology exclusively in Europe.

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