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Water level Indicator

Zumikon P1040385 l05-2015 ACT supplied in Mai 2015, a water level indicator for the indoor pool Zumikon.

Supply: 05-2015
Product: Digitale LED Indicator
Order: Vertical LED column to indicate the water level in the pool
Modell: based on TEBE-01.10(1).10bs/IC-SA
LED Beam width: 7 Pixel = 10cm
LED Beam hight: 120 Pixel = 183cm
Execution: Singlesided
LED Diodes: High Quality NICHIA Leds
Font Color: Onecolored blue
Brightness: Sun light improved
Control: 4-20mA, Analog-Digital Converter 8 bits = 256 levels, 4-20mA wich means 204 levels

The indoor pool was being totally renovated and shines from June 2015. with a new light and a digital water level indicator of ACT!

In cooperation with the companies Probading and Bafilco AG a water level indicator, ordered at ACT, was installed in june of 2015, at the indoor swimming pool in Zumikon in the Zuerich Oberland. Shown is the water level, which can be shown in order of a adjustable lifting bottom of the swimming pool. For the blue light-emitting diodes high quality LEDs from Nichia where used. The display has also integrated a light sensor. This is mounted behind the display and controls the brightness according to the ambient brightness.

Technical integration

The LED bar width is 10cm and is controlled by an electronic control power controller of 4-20mA. About the 120 LED pixels, the water depth between 40 and 183cm is displayed.


The LED bar display is basically maintenance free and visitors gives information about the current water depth!




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