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ACT LED Display in the Front Desk

bespielbare Led Flaeche 7 l12-2014 ACT provides a Recordable LED display as a visual centerpiece of the reception.

The high-resolution, LED-free recordable area was incorporated as a spectacular media technology element seamlessly into the modern reception desk. Another square LED panel for the logo of the animal park was built on the other side of the desk.

Production, supply, installation and commissioning: 12/2014
SMD indoor video wall in furniture built with full service from the front
Address: A-1220 Wien, Wien Animal Park
Client: Good for Vienna gGmbH
Physical Pixel Pitch: 4 mm
Resolution: 896 x 64 pixels
Image size: 3,584 x 256 mm
172032 LED chips generate a high-contrast and sharp image

High-tech brings life to the reception desk

The thousands of black-colored SMD 3in1 LEDs produce a very good contrast. The nearly 58,000 pixels teach 4mm pixel pitch a razor sharp image. The recordable LED area in the reception desk is exceptional and extremely effective! The LED screen was installed flush with the furniture and its sophisticated technology completely serviceable from the front. The LED display has been integrated into the network and can display images and information in real time.

Extraordinary architecture - fascinating media technology

In the modern architecture play recordable digital LED screens of different kind an increasingly important role. For a multimedia presentation of images, moving images, animations, and text representations Logo's- is possible. Increasingly, digital recordable LED screens can also be used indoors in a variety of formats. Light and movement attracts attention, information gets so elegant way to the customer.

Newly developed special design - LED technology for shopfitting

Specially developed for shopfitting ACT display systems with 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm pixel pitch. Each recordable LED surface consists of small Led cards, which are produced in different sizes and brightness classes. The actual brightness can be adjusted individually to the subjectively optimal brightness of the room. For variable light conditions is also an automatic brightness control are available. A recordable LED surface indoors is popular precisely because of the unusually realizable length and size. Round or multiple curved LED screens are feasible. Become multiple LED screens installed, they can be jointly controlled as a large LED screen, so then most beautiful and spectacular effects can be achieved. Control may be segmented and fragmented.

Recordable LED screens keep an increasing role in modern office and retail space.

LED Display at the Front Desk Gallery