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Digitale LED-Advertising Kirchberg

Digitale-Led-Werbeanlage-5 O09-2014 - Kirchberg in Tirol has a digital LED advertising installation of ACT installed across the street.

The Tourism Kitzbühel Alpen-Brixental is the owner of this LED advertising screen

This digital LED advertising system can not be overlooked so easily. Directly positioned in the entrance of Kirchberg in Tirol, you drive trough the LED video wall. Here were two LED video walls "back to back" mounted, coming from both sides so motorists and pedestrians are informed.

The latest information available immediately on the LED head-up display

This digital LED advertising system is perfect for the local marketing of Kirchberg. Just press a button and have the latest information can be seen on the LED billboard. It's never been easier to advertise upcoming events currently. The digital LED advertising system is connected to a PC System. All wich is displayed on a monitor, may also be displayed on the LED screen. Therefore, the operation is completely simple. Images and texts are simply stored in the resolution of the video wall and can then 1: 1 shown without quality loss on the video wall.

Nearly half a million LEDs bring the light into the dark

Exactly there are 442,368 LEDs, which have been incorporated in this digital advertising system. The fine physical pixel pitch of 10 mm ensures a sharp and high contrast display, in excellent image quality! This Video wall produced by ACT can reach a brightness of up to 7,500 cd/m². The actual brightness is controlled by a light sensor. This is continuously measuring the ambient light and adjusts so the luminosity of the LEDWALL to the ambient conditions. The maximum and the minimum brightness value can be adjusted within the set range is automatically regulated.

Coming soon: Three large LED Video walls will be install for local marketing by ACT equal to Kirchberg, just next by in Tirol

Also prominent near by is Kitzbuehel. A Advertising posters and banners will be set at the street entrance. Here a 4 × 3 m large detached LED video screens will be installed at all three city limits. Perfect for advertising and local marketing. Also there is the local tourist operators of digital LED advertising system (s ) .