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Outdoor Videowall for Kitzbuehel!

Outdoor Videowand lClearly displayed on each of the three major city entrances, there is a large outdoor video wall. Operator of three video walls is the TVB Kitzbuehel.

Production and Installation: 01/2015
Adress: Kitzbuehel Tourismus, A-6370 Kitzbuehel
Order: LED Outdoor Videowall for Citymarketing
Resolutio: all off the 3 Videowalls are 384 x 288 Pixel
Displaysize: 4 x 3m for each Videowall
Physical Pixelpitch: 10 mm
LED-Chips: 995.328 for all 3 Videowall

WWW / What When Where

WWW on the outdoor video wall at the three city entrances in Kitzbühel, the most legendary sports town in the Alps. There is displayed large and clear, when where and what is happening in Kitzbuehel. The pulse of the city beats loud and strong. Kitzbuehel, the city's number one sport, combines Tradition and lifestyle as charming as any other city. Residents and guests will be kept informed about this new and now new advertising medium. By pressing a button on new information, Festivals and events can be sent and will be displayed automatically at the right time. For local associations, institutions and local businesses, this is an important form of advertising. Consumers can be achieved easily, quickly, deliberately and cost effectively. Operator of three LED video screens is the Kitzbuehel Tourism.

Outdoor Video Wall as a much sought-after advertising space

Not only event information, including traditional advertising these LED screens are popular. Each outdoor video wall can be booked together as advertising space or individually. The quality Ledwalls inform large and colorfully about events and lifestyle mixed with advertising the local economy. Advertising time and change intervals can be applied flexibly on the outdoor video wall.

Also readable in bright sunlight

Each ad space consists of more than 330,000 LEDs. The maximum attainable brightness is about 7500 cd/m². In practice, the maximum achievable luminosity on the outdoor video wall is required with about 70%. The rest serves as a buffer for later. If the brightness has eased sometimes in a few years, may then be adjusted upward. To increase the contrast, there are over each light-emitting diode, a solar plate. A brightness sensor measures the ambient brightness, the brightness of the outdoor video screen is automatically controlled according to the RVS-standard. This ensures that on cloudy days or in the evening no one is blinded and readability is always optimal.

An outdoor video wall is ideal for citys and towns

The many advertising posters on the streets provide a sensory overload and affect the townscape. The events wich are promoted, is clear. But fewer and fewer communities are willing and able to make friends with the many billboards which advertise before the events on the streets and are then often put away again only partially. Often these are also easily overnight without fixed on matters illegally alongside the roadways in the meadows and "semi" tolerated, for lack of other advertising opportunities. That does not look nice and makes often trouble. This is precisely the reason why more and more communities relay on the medium of outdoor video wall. Modern and efficient events can be advertised as in central locations. About advertising in the local economy, there is the option of refinancing. Often the operator is not the town but the local tourist office.

ACT serves many citys and towns

At home and abroad, many citys and towns relay on the high quality of ACT Outdoor Video Wall. The video walls have to work day and night reliably. Is actually a malfunction recorded, there a corresponding support is important. A purchase directly from the manufacturer ACT or its sales partners guarantees this. LED displays for municipalities are produced in all sizes and designs for over 20 years. Earlier LED walls were mostly monochrome, for cost reasons. Nowadays, the prices for full-color LED displays in quite affordable range are. If the Ledwall marketed advertising, then a full-color version is definitely advisable. Most are mounted sideways on the street or across the road so at busy locations residents, commuters and visitors informed on a daily basis over an outdoor video wall.

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