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City of Balzers LED-Display

LED-Werbeplakat 2 O02-2014 - Promotional poster for the latest community information.

The community of Balzers in Liechtenstein received from ACT three LED Infoboards.
These were detached installed and inform at the city limits of current events.
Balzers is the southernmost municipality in the Principality of Liechtenstein, in terms of population, the fourth largest municipality in the country.

LED billboard with 3 x 1 m image surface, in the same size installed at the three main entrances.

With a physical pixel spacing of 12 m, this results in an excellent resolution of 240 x 80 phys. Pixels. Texts, graphics, animation, videos ... anything is possible, advertising and information on LED billboard can be made more striking and interesting. Movement and color draws attention to itself.

IMG 4733- Entfernung  10m k

City marketing with electronic scoreboards is in communities becoming increasingly popular.

New information can be quickly and easily disseminated via LED billboard, each of the passes, reads the news. This is an effective and inexpensive way for municipalities, citizens and guests to date information. Often information published local clubs and information on events.

Many cities and towns are facing the challenge, to inform current and contemporary. LED advertising posters suitable for this purpose perfectly. These can be built in almost any format and any size. ACT can draw on decades of experience in the production of LED displays. Many communities rely on high-quality displays of ACT. This LED displays are often purchased and operated by the Tourist Board.

IMG 4721 Home Page Format k

LED Info Screen's bring the communities most lucrative and revenue generating.

If the local economy offered to advertise on the LED billboard, then the additional revenue for the city, a positive effect for the community budget.

City of Balzers Gallery


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