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Interactive Board Ingeo

Ingeo 400x400 A interactive Mediaboard for Ingeo Ingenieurcompany Frommelt in Vaduz.
Ingeo stands for customer-oriented and innovative engineering services in the fields of geomatics, infrastructure construction and land management for more than 60 years.

Delivery: 12-2017
Adress: LIE-9490 Vaduz, Landstrasse 31
Order: Interactive Mediaboard for the Meetingroom
Display Area: 1650 x 973
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixel (4K)
Display Colors: 10bit
LCD Brightness: 370cd/m2
Contrast: 4000:1
Weight: 59kg
Mounting: Wa

Use Trutouch and Unified Collaboration (UC) software and work with everyone, everywhere. Experience meetings on a display that allow the whole team to interact without restrictions because not only the voice and video files are transferred, but also data and comments. Whether you take notes or share ideas, your business is just a touch of unprecedented collaboration.

The installation took place in the ground floor meeting room. The engineering company is enthusiastic about the product!
For the communication a Barco Click Share CS-100 was selected.

The TRUTOUCH series of UHD LED multi-touch displays is designed to increase productivity across the board.
Experience meetings and presentations on a display that redefines clarity.
All TRUTOUCH models have 4K resolution. The backlit LED display provides the sharpest and clearest picture so you can showcase your innovation. When it comes to a display that stands out, TRUTOUCH is the clear choice.
A touchscreen like you've never seen before.
The TRUTOUCH displays respond to touch in the same way as cell phones and tablets, so you can just tap, hold, scroll and interact as you would with the devices you use every day. Viewing multi-touch technology on a larger scale allows multiple team members to work simultaneously on the screen of the TRUTOUCH display..
Newline 8616UB

Connecting your preferred method.
Each TRUTOUCH model comes with several HDMI, USB and A / V inputs as well as component connections for microphones, loudspeakers and multimedia players.

At the interface of technology and design.
Your TRUTOUCH is optimized to work seamlessly with the award-winning IdeaMax software from Newline. IdeaMax puts productivity at the next level to bring your next great idea to life.

It's all about the look.
TRUTOUCH's slender design looks great in every room. It improves your vision, increases employee motivation, and lets your customers know that you are doing the next generation business.

Projectpicture of Installation


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