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SMD 4in1 - new LED Technology

SMD4in1 400x400sw 03-2019 ACT ignites as one of the first European manufacturers the turbo and starts with SMD 4in1 LED technology into the new LED age.

SMD 4in1, COB and TOP, the new stars for indoor LED video surfaces. Inside, the quality standards for exclusive LED video walls are steadily increasing. Whereas a few years ago 4 to 5 mm small pixel distances astonished the viewers, the luxury segment of LED video walls today starts at pixel pitches of 1 mm and even smaller. The closer the pixel pitch, the more sensitive the LED surface becomes. In addition, especially small LEDs are hardly repairable.
Three paths of the new LED technology will be the best choice for closest pixel pitches in the future:


TOP stands for transparent surface-sealed pixel cards. They are impact-resistant and resistant to moisture. LED video walls with TOP design thus have a maximum insensitive surface. Simple blows, touching sharp objects, wet cleaning, all this can no longer damage the front of the indoor LED walls. TOP-sealed cards are hardly repairable. This technology recommends ACT with pixel pitches from 1.8 mm and anywhere where there is a risk of damage to the LED video wall indoors, for example, because the Ledwall is fixed near the ground. More about this topic can be found here.

COB Technology

COB stands for Chip on Board. Instead of a red, green and blue LED chip in the body of an SMD 3in1 light emitting diodes, the LED chips are already located directly on the printed circuit board, the body of the light emitting diode is completely dispensed with. If the printed circuit board is then sealed to the surface, then it is also much less sensitive to shocks and moisture. Not as impact resistant as the TOP technology, but much less sensitive than conventional LED pixel cards. Unfortunately, pixel errors can not be repaired with COB cards. At the moment it is also very difficult to produce homogeneous LED-video surfaces in COB-LED technology. ACT already offers COB LED technology for successful shelving and shopfitting, more information here.

SMD 4in1 LED Technology

This is the latest LED technology. Under SMD 4in1 or soon synonymous 6in1 and 9in1 is the grouping of individual Led pixels to a common body. This makes it possible to produce extremely small pixel distances, without which the light-emitting diodes become too small, too poorly processed, and the pixel map then becomes much too sensitive in the end. Pixel cards which are equipped with SMD 4in1 LED body, prove to be extremely robust and can also be repaired in contrast to the COB technology with the appropriate effort.

ACT proves its pioneering role and SMD 4in1 LED technology with immediate effect

As one of the leading European manufacturers, ACT is also a pioneer in this field and is one of the first in the world to offer pixel cards in this new design. In new SMD 4in1 LED technology, we have finished developing LED cards with a pitch of 1.5 mm and a pitch of 1.2 mm, and an additional version with 0.9 mm pixel spacing is already being developed. New pixel cards also mean new cases. In this case, ACT relies on slender 6 cm aluminum die-cast housings, which directly have a 16: 9 video format and can therefore be used in a scaled fashion for video walls. The pixel cards are completely wireless in the module housings and can be removed from the front. This ultra-flat LED video walls can produce extremely flat, which have an exorbitantly high image quality and still remain largely insensitive front.

Latest LED technology at the best price

The development is finished, the sale starts. In ACT's showroom, an LED video display of the new SMD 4in1 generation will be admired as early as April. Issued a system with 1.5 mm pixel pitch. Orders are accepted immediately. If you want to use the latest LED video technology and are interested in a high-end indoor LED video wall, please contact us. We will gladly make you an individual offer for a SMD 4in1 LED video wall and show you the new LED video generation in our showroom.