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Impact-resistant indoor led walls

TOP LED 400x400 10-2018 Available from ACT, there are now also impact-resistant indoor LED walls.

This makes sense, especially in the shop area and everywhere, where you can reach. The trend in LED video surfaces in the indoor area is increasingly narrower pixel distances, the pixel cards are thus becoming more sensitive. In addition, there is often the danger that people in the shop can damage the indoor led walls, be it with a shopping trolley, unintentionally with their feet, clothes hooks or whatever. Good to know that impact-resistant indoor LED walls are immune to such damage thanks to the transparent seal.

TOP-LED technology stands for transparent surface-sealed printed circuit boards for impact-resistant indoor led walls.

The LED road signs should show a flashing stop sign at the push of a button. Eight different stop signs have been created, Airbus could choose which of the animated flashing LED street signs like the best. All versions have one thing in common when they start to light up, then they stand out and they should! The LED displays have 8 potential-free contacts, the messages can be easily selected via switches. If no program is selected, a default message will be displayed, in this case a black image.

Simple blows, touching sharp objects, damp cleaning, all this can no longer damage the front of the indoor LED walls.

Our LINEA video columns and the innovative Shopled-S series will feature this extra in the future

For the freestanding LINEA columns, the TOP LED technology is ideal. It also saves the front screen and the surface of the sealed pixel cards is anti-reflective. Most recently, the World Championships office of the Olympiaregion Seefeld in Tyrol received four LINEA columns with the finest pixel pitch of 1.8 mm. There was still the optional front windows, in the future, the TOP seal is also available for this narrow pixel pitch. LINEA columns with 1.875 mm and 2.5 mm pixel spacing can now receive a TOP seal.

In addition, ACT is expanding its Shopled series, recently a new JOOP! Flagshipstore in the Outletcity Metzingen supplied with two high-resolution video walls of the Shopled series of ACT. In the future, certain versions of the shopled displays will also feature this extra.

Non-shocking indoor led walls of the Shopled-S series in many new interesting variants

Ultra-slim elongated 100 x 25 cm and now also 96 x 24 cm large LED video modules, like the classic Shopled series, also characterizes the Shopled-S series. The suffix "S" stands for impact. Impact-resistant indoor LED walls can be realized with a fine pixel pitch of 1.875 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm and 5.0 mm when using 96 x 24 cm enclosures. For the 100 x 25 cm module sizes pixel maps with 2.6 mm, 3.91 mm, 4.81 mm and 6.25 mm are available. Another highlight of the Shopled-S series are the left and right corners of the video modules, which can also have 45 ° and 90 ° corners. It can also be used to construct LED surfaces or LED video cube around the corner. The selection is thus huge. TOP-sealed LED video surfaces will be used in many stores in the future. Also available as long LED video labels with 24, 25, 48 or 50 cm height, as spaced apart 1 m wide LED video signs or as fragmented, impact-resistant indoor LED walls.