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ACT supply's Airbus Industries

Airbus Indutries 400x400 03-2018 ACT supply's 4 STOP LED-Streetsigns for Airbus and proves its market leadership for individual and customized LED technology

Production and Delivery: 03-2018
Projectpartner: SPIE Erwin Peters GmbH
Installation at: Airbus Hamburg
Area: D-21129 Hamburg
Typ: Schaltbare LED-Strassenschilder als blinkende Stopp-Schilder
Size: 320 x 320 mm
Resolution: 48 x 48 Pixel
Typ: Super3-Leuchtdioden
Color's: 16,7 Millionen
Max. Brightness: 6.500 cd/m²
Brightness adustable: Automatical by Sensor
Casesize: 40 x 32 x 10 cm

The LED road signs should show a flashing stop sign at the push of a button. We have designed eight different stop signs, Airbus could choose which of the animated flashing LED street signs like best. All versions have one thing in common when they start to light up, then they stand out and they should! The LED displays have 8 potential-free contacts, the messages can be easily selected via switches. If no program is selected, a default message will be displayed, in this case a black image.

LED Streetsigns Video


LED change signs are produced by ACT in many sizes and variants. The traffic signs are absolutely weatherproof and can represent any character. Up to 8 messages can be selected, even running texts are feasible, for example as an indication of a diversion