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Videoanzeige für den FC Naters

FC Naters l08-2017 We are pleased to inform you about a new LED Project with our Projectpartner Aletsch Elektro AG. A new LED screen with over 11m2.

Delivery and installation is expected to take place in December 2017.

Technical data:

Model: Model ACT-VIDEOLED RP10-POS-EX / 384x288-RGB
Physical resolution: 384 x 288 pixels
Display area: 3.84 x 2.88 m is equivalent to 11.05m2
Housing: 12 video modules, each 96x96cm, which can be installed frameless next to each other. Front IP65, rear maintenance, with fans on the back, black lacquered Steel modules with M10 threaded holes for mounting on a substructure on the customer's premises.
Pixel spacing physical: 10 mm Control: Via PC DVI main controller CAT5 cable video wall / fiber connection to the main building.
Output luminance max .: 7500 cd / m²
Software: WIN-7/8/10 software. The display shows 1: 1 in real time a 288x96 pixel-sized screen of the Player-PC monitor. Everything that can be seen in this window is visible on the outside of the video display. Incl. Sports software modules to display the game, the game time and the team names. Any other player software can also be used.

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