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Public Viewing EM 2016

LED Videowand Public Viewin O03-2016 Just before the EM-2016, it is applicable, ACT now offers LED video screens with extremely fine 5 mm physical pixel pitch for the outdoor area. This extremely narrow pixel pitch is especially interesting as an LED video wall for public viewing, where the audience partly sitting very close to Videwall while good image quality is desired.

New generation of LED video wall for public viewing

For large LED video screens in the context of public viewing events so far mostly virtual 10mm or 6mm variants were used. With LED video screens with physical control there were mostly 12mm, 10mm or 8mm pixel pitch. These variants are still up to date, but now supplemented by an even finer pixel pitch.

LED video wall for public viewing now possible even in smaller dimensions

When it comes to public viewing, so LED video screens were used with at least ten to fifteen square image area so far mostly. Here viewers are at least fifty feet and farther away from the Ledwall. This larger pixel spacing and larger in total video walls are justified. The investment for such large LED video wall for public viewing is then also correspondingly high. If it is a big event, then pays the course. Especially since the LED video wall yes then is not unique but often used for outdoor events.

New variant now also in smaller dimensions

With only 5mm physical pixel pitch up entirely new possibilities arise. Here visitors can also sit just four to five meters in front of the LED video wall. Of course, here, the more valid the viewing distance, the better the image quality. This extremely fine pixel pitch is realized by ACT with outdoor SMD LEDs 3in1.

This allows even already realized a nearly two meters wide and 1.3 meters high LED display screen for public viewing. With the next width of 2.56 meters is reached 512 physical pixels in width, for live broadcasts an absolutely good value.

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly

ACT offers this new variant with 640x640mm on aluminum diecast housings. The new part mobile LED video modules are fanless and therefore suitable not only for outdoor events but also for indoor applications where fan noise are usually undesirable. The handy Modules weigh less, such as 12 kg, and can be assembled fast and simple to a LED videowall in any size. For suspension ACT provides optional also crossmember. Verso is here no additional substructure required. If the LED display screen for public viewing used and dismantled after the event, it can be transported and stored safely with flight cases.

These die-cast aluminum housing are already used by ACT for 8mm and 10mm pixel pitch. Centered in the video module is available on the back of a slim lid. Here, the power supply and the module controller card is positioned. These parts can be replaced in case of fall quickly in each module without the video wall must be dismantled. About a backup line all other video modules continue to be supplied with data. This ensures that at live events, even in the unlikely event a repair becomes necessary during the event only a small part of the image is affected by a fault. The to-exchange part can be replaced quickly from the back in case of problems.

A sophisticated system, perfect as an LED video wall for public viewing

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