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Rounded Tradeticker for SIX

Gemeinde Balzers  
Zuerich - Together with Projectpartner "Display Team", ACT supplied for SIX a perfect LED wich is integrated in a rounded Bar Counter! Curved and high definition.

This concave SMD indoor display makes the new oval bar for SIX to probably counter with current stock information of the world.

Production, supply, installation and commissioning: 01/2016
Address: For exhibitions
Ordered: Oval SMD indoor display in a mobile counter
Resolution: 384 x 32 pixels
Display Area: 1920 x 160mm
Physical pixel pitch: 5mm


Exactly to the millimeter, these LED video surface was installed in a bar

Around the bar runs the SMD indoor display, with the information of current market data of the SMI. In the case of the case, all parts can be removed from the front.

All display types playing Informations possible

This SMD indoor display it, the content of player 1 allowed. The connection from the video display to the player carried over CAT-5 network cable. This ultra long display is thus driven as a classic LED video wall. Information / scrolling texts are allowed to run through the entire length of 1.92 meters. Other representations are also possible. The imagination can run wild are left. In this LED video tape everything is possible.

Brilliant Image Quality

For this LED video wall SMD LEDs were used 3in1 type in the highest selection. On the entire length there are no straight sections, the installation in the curved surface has been completely carried out accurately. Even before that is just sees the image surface from absolutely homogeneous.

Installed in just two hours and then given to the customer

ACT acted shortly for the request for on-site installation and for integration of the ticker shortly via Remote Support, 6 hours before customer acceptance. The lead time of supply position until the execution was only 4 weeks!

ACT is the specialist for LED video screens for the interior design

Whether it's as an ultra long here, bent SMD indoor display or an LED video cube should be. Or a complete staircase as a video wall. Also floors and ceilings have been covered with LED video screens. ACT has already pretty much realized everything in the area interior design with LED displays and can thus rely on a wealth of experience. A lot of different pixel maps are available. And if it makes sense for a SMD indoor display, it can be designed as in this case, a new LED card.


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