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ACT's Clear Glass thing...

ACT logo Q 24009-2014 ACT's Clear Glass thing.

Architects will love our transparent LED displays!

In modern cities, there are more and more unused glass facades, which can be perfectly collocated with our new, in autumn available, translucent LED displays. With a transparency up to 90% is as good as no light taken away. Ideal when placed behind showrooms or offices, which should of course not be darkened by an LED video wall. The large glass surfaces can be used directly without additional substructure, as our new, crystal clear LED tiles can be fixed directly on the inside of the glass surface. Elaborate outdoor montages fall away, complicated maintenance from outside are not needed.

New possibilities for the use of shop windows

Many shop windows can now be used creatively. In the past, large LED displays were often not positioned in the delivery, because not optically beautiful, too clunky, too many cables from the rear, much less light .... With the new transparent LED display developments of ACT result in the sale rooms up completely new possibilities.

Cast SMD LEDs provide stunning effects.

If no image appears, you look simply by the LED video wall. Both from the front and from the rear. Texts, images and videos shown, then the people from behind can still look normal to the outside. The people on the street but see a perfectly integrated in the window and into the facade LED Wall. Particularly fascinating is the effect, if briefly, a black screen is shown between the insertions, because then you can also look back through the front of the disc.

Our new transparent LED displays are ultra thin lightweight

On average, just 1 cm deep, depending on the model and 8-12 kg / m² easy to impress these data. The new transparent LED displays are also ideal for hanging from behind the wheel. The activation occurs as a classic LED video wall. The controller is connected via DVI to a Player PC and displays a real-time display size corresponding section of the PC monitor. This one is also maximum flexibility when driving. Anything that can be shown on the PC monitor is so represented on the transparent LED displays.

Most also no additional authorization is necessary because the transparent LED displays are so attached inside

For the window dressing must not be routinely specially applied for approval. With the new transparent LED video walls you can not only advertise, you can also play your creative side. It can, for example, already snowing in autumn in your display, right next to the winter tires! Or outside the sun is shining, but with you it's raining, then fits to the appropriate clothing. At Easter bunnies dance in the window and in December the Santa Claus. In between, you show your commercials for you are with your transparent LED display on everyone's lips!

Testing phase - from October, there is the new transparent LED tiles equal in 6 different pixel pitches

8mm phys. Pixel pitch is initially the closest available pixel status bar be here a transparency of> 68% is given, the tiles will be available in two sizes 320 mm, 512 x 256 mm and 960 x. This is the ideal option for particularly small, clear LED displays. The maximum brightness can be chosen to select is the default brightness of 4000 cd / m² and a super light version with 6500 cd / m². This readability is given in these transparent LED display even in direct sunlight and sun!
10mm phys. Pixel pitch will offer enhanced ACT. Here transparent LED video walls can be realized in all sizes. The light transmittance is here already impressive 75%! Tile sizes from 640 x 320 mm and 960 x 320 mm are available, both again either with 4000 cd / m² or 6500 cd / m²
For special projects, there will be a pixel spacing of 14.65 mm, the transparent LED tiles have here a size of 468.8 x 234.4 mm. This variant impressed with 80% transparency and a brightness of 7000 cd / m².
Transparent LED Card with 16mm phys. Pixel pitch are of a size of 512 x 256 mm, designed to, with a brightness of 6500 cd / m² brightness is also perfect for use by day and when the sun suitable.
If the areas are getting bigger and bigger, the pixel spacing can grow. Therefore, there will be 20 mm and 25 mm variants. At 20 mm pixel pitch LED tile is 640 x 320 mm in size, with the 25 mm version then 400 x 400 mm. The transparent LED displays with these coarser pixel pitches have then with a maximum of 4000 cd / m² and 2800 cd / m² brightness a bit lower, but the light transmission increases to 87% and 90%.

From October to admire even at ACT in the vienna showroom.

Interested parties are welcome at ACT, to visit us from the beginning of October and see the new, transparent LED displays.