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Animated LED-Direction Arrow

led richtungspfeil O lACT - A animated, moving LED-Direction Arrow is a real eyecatcher!

So it is clear in which direction it goes. Running the single arrows to build and form a striking animated total arrow. For the LED display was green high-quality LEDs from Nichia in use. The LED arrows may appear in different programmable effects. The brightness of the LEDs is huge, even direct sunlight does not limit the readability. According to the RVS-standard, the brightness is automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness. The light sensor is integrated directly in the display. A double-walled aluminum profile and 4 mm thick slices with anti-reflective coating seals to profile ensure total weathering resistance. These ads are unconditionally suitable for exposed locations.

Flexible usable LED directional Arrow.

Not only adjustable direction of the arrow, the possibility for presenting texts allows for a flexible use of the display. The running light arrows, for example, appear alternately with the addition of "FREE" or opening a Note will be shown.