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LED Display Wuerth Parking Info

Wuerth 01 OA ACT LED line display for the entrance of the Würth Group's car park in cooperation with our project partner, SYMA-SYSTEM AG in Kirchberg / SG.

At the entrance of the car park on the lower ground floor of the Würth Group, a two - line display informs the visitors about current & important. ACT as one of the leading European manufacturers of LED display panels of all kinds has many different variants for this application.

Production and Delivery: 08/2016
Adress: CH-9400 Rorschach/SG
Order: Two lined LED-Display of ACT Proline Ultra Series, Modell PLU130/2/20 for Outside Application
Size: 2,58 x 0.50 x 0.9 m
Letter higth: 13 cm
Max. Signs per Line: 20
LED-Color: withe
Remark's: Integrierted Ligthsensor, GPS Reciver, LAN Port

Multi-line LED scrolling

With the Proline series for indoor use and Proline Ultra for outdoor use, we are able to realize everything you can imagine in terms of running letters.

We supply many letter heights between 30 and 800 mm. The number of rows is open at the top. You can get the Central European Character Set or a Cyrillic character set at no extra cost instead of the West European character set. Land-specific special characters can then also be displayed on the circulation.

The time management function allows you to determine in advance which content is displayed. You can, of course, interrupt the schedule at any time and immediately insert the latest news on the scroll.

More Information about: Würth Group Switzerland

"Anyone who builds on SYMA is always optimally prepared for the future!" - and SYMA is also building on ACT Display & Information Systems!

Syma-System AG, the contact in stand construction, maintains a strong, global network in more than 60 countries, including SYMA subsidiaries, partners and licensees. The SYMA Group employs over 1000 people in Europe and Asia. In Europe alone, there are around 300, of which 140 employees at the SYMA headquarters in Kirchberg.



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