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LED "Go to Rauch" for Truck Control

Rauch LED Videodisplay fuer die LKW Abfertigung 1 OA ACT LED Videodisplay for the Truck Entrance Logistics of Rauch Fruit Juice GmbH & Co OG. Smal sizede LED-Videowall for the Trafficontrol of incoming Trucks.
In Vorarlberg, the new truck parking lot of the fruit juice producer Rauch now on a pole stands a multifunctional LED video display for the truck processing and informs large and clear the incoming truck drivers. This will minimize downtime and optimize traffic on factory premises. For this, trucks must be optimally coordinated and the driver are passed with information on the loading and unloading points. ACT as a leading European manufacturer of LED display panels of all types has many different versions in the program for this application .

Production and Delivery: 06/2016
Adress: A-6830 Rankweil
Order: LED-Videodisplay for Truck-Logistic
Displaysize: 1,28 x 1,44 m
Resolution: 128 x 112 Pixel
Physical Pixelpitsch: 10 mm
Remarks: „Go to Rauch“ Aera on Screen also with LED Lamp in the Backcase. DVI-Connection..

Widely visible LED video display for the truck processing

This LED display screen ensures smooth communication. Unmistakably, the driver will be informed when and where they are expected. This is important for a smooth process flow. Alternating also notes how the maximum permitted speed in the factory premises, the ban on smoking in the entire area, reminder to buckle up, time, individual driver information or warnings of all kinds can be displayed.

High brightness and good reading from the side

The luminosity of LEDs used here is tremendous. Even in direct sunlight shallow best readability is assured. The LED video display for the truck processing is equipped with a brightness sensor. This ensures according to an automatic dimming of ambient brightness. This ensures that the drivers are not blinded and not outshine the letters. For a large viewing angle, these LED video wall were equipped with wide-angle LEDs. All colors like on a PC monitor are also available on this LED video display for the truck processing available. This means that all information can be displayed in color structured.

Automated control over the it system of rauch

The LED video display for the truck processing shows in real time a section of the PC monitor. Thus also the competent staff always looks the same time in the terminal, which information should be just the truck drivers displayed outdoors. The control has been integrated by the company smoke into the existing IT structure.

ACT produced truck control systems in all variants

Line oriented or here as a matrix display, monochrome, multicolor or full color. Size of LED display panel, font size, LED colors, number of lines, custom labels and type of control, in the ACT selection is great. Whether as a powerful LED video display for the truck processing or as a smaller LED moving message for driver information, we can also produce for your requirements best suited for you Scoreboard.

Info: Rauch Fruit Juice GmbH and Co OG



Images in the work of ACT before delivery

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