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ACT LED Ticker in Appenzell

Werner Altherr lA ACT Tebe outdoor LED display for Werner Altherr Roofing in Urnaesch as a source of information for visitors and customers.

Production, Delivery, Installation and GoLive: 04/2016
Adress: Werner Altherr GmbH, Furt 2022, CH-9107 Urnaesch
Order: Outdoor LED-Anzeige with ultrablue NICHIA-Leuchtdiodes for a LED-Ticker at the Building Entrance
Modell: TEBE-01.10(1).20rs
Lettersize: 100 mm
Readable up to: 50 m
Special: 2 Controllerboard's for Ticker and Time-/Temparaturedisplay

This LED indicator you just have to look to...

The ultra blue LEDs fit perfectly into the blue company logo. The large LED display is despite the relatively small investment a great asset in the overall picture of the customer brain area.

Even if the sun light is bright it seems, the LED display is always legible

The LED display has been equipped with ultra bright LEDs. This may, however, your full brightness only spend in direct sunlight, on cloudy days or when the night is getting low, the LED may not shine as much as otherwise neighbors might be disturbed. It would bring nothing, eventually wants to inform people yes and no dazzle. Therefore, ACT has the large LED display equipped with the proven "256er dimmer". Here the light intensity is very finely continuously adapted to the ambient brightness, the readability is thus as always refer to optimal.

To large font does not help

the customer wanted to integrate beautifully the LED display into the overall picture was. You should not people "killed" put informative fun, but. Due to the movement of the LED display drops to anyway. The beautiful blue LEDs fit particularly well to the overall picture and with a character height of 100 millimeters is a readability from up to 50 meters given. Even if you stand in front of the shop, you can read the lyrics beautiful, without the LED display appears too powerful.

Programming quickly and easily

The text programming is simple, user-friendly software in German convinces through straightforward user guidance. On and off times can be programmed. the time can be shown between the advertising messages. Use the countdown function days, hours, minutes and seconds are counted down until ..... The display is connected via the USB interface with the PC, this is only needed for programming, the lyrics are loaded into the display, it runs by itself.

Available in all colors and sizes

ACT can deliver as one of the leading European manufacturers LED large displays in all desired formats. Not just that, even bent or going around corners LED displays are available. Depending on the model text, graphics and videos can be viewed. The LED color can be selected, as a multicolor or full-color (RGB) LED Large Display available.

Werner Altherr CH blau2 O

Customer Information: Werner Altherr GmbH


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