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ACT MiniMax Schamser Healtbad

Schamser Heilbad LAn ACT MiniMax LED display for Schamser Health Spa in Andeer for the sparkling jet water area.
ACT Display & Information Technology AG is pleased about the new customer, the Schamser Health Spa in Andeer!
Relatively short we recived the request, just before the re-opening of the renovated spa.

Production, Delivery, Mounting and GoLive: 06/2016
Adress: Schamser Heilbad Andeer AG, CH-7440 Andeer
Displaytyp: Led POS Display
Resolution: 64 x 32 Pixel
LED´s: black-faced SMD 3in1
LED-Chip-No. in Total: 6.144
Casecolor: black
Casesize (B x H x T): 218 x 118 x 33mm
Casehight with Stand: according to angel aprox. 140mm
Powerconsumtion: 25W
Wight: 693g

The requirement to indicate the sparkling jet times with a moving Arrow and this set in a given Time interval, was implemented as requested in accordance with the customer and in record time.

MiniMax NG, NG stands for Next Generation: modern and up to date

The new generation of LED POS displays is now in full color instead of color. These LED displays are equipped with modern SMD 3in1 LEDs in black-faced appearance. The tinted in this way front looks classy and makes for a scary good contrast. Not only texts and graphics can now be displayed conspicuously and animated. The fine 3.0mm pixel pitch fonts and graphics appear crisp on these LED displays.

Bring's plenty, costs (almost) nothing

This is exactly what the name MiniMax. Minimum costs with maximum benefits. One or more of these displays in the shop or in the shop window is positioned automatically ensure revenue growth. Moving Advertising and bright colors fall on !. Due to the compact size of this Led POS displays can always be quickly repositioned.

Mineralbad Andeer

Info: Healthspa-Andeer

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